Simon Blackquill – A Convict Prosecutor?!

Oct 04, 2013 // Chris

An attorney with nothing to lose…

In honor of the upcoming release of  Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies  we’re providing old and new fans a series of brief character bios in order to bring them up to speed. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts and/or upload your favorite character art in the comments below.


“…………Hmph. Those who dare to stand in my way, soon find themselves cleaved in two by the Sword of Evidence’s Edge.”

Simon Blackquill isn’t known as the “Twisted Samurai” for nothing – his ability to bend witnesses and the court itself to his will, along with a wit as sharp as his katana and battle surcoat (jinbaori) make him a fearsome opponent in court. Despite his antiquated speech and penchant for samurai metaphors, Blackquill’s calm and refined exterior masks a ferocious, dark-humored man who isn’t above literally cutting his opponents down when he is in a foul mood.

Inside Blackquill’s “office”

As to why a convicted murderer is allowed to stand in court as a prosecutor at all is thanks to the Prosecutor’s Office, which continues to assign him to cases despite his legal status. Perhaps this is just another sign of the warped sense of justice in this dark age of the law?

Simon’s legal partner, Taka

Screencap of Simon from Dual Destinies’ animated cutscene

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