Mega Man 1 OST now on Capcom Store

Apr 05, 2013 // Minish Capcom

As discussed during the PAX East panel , we are in the process of making the NES Mega Man soundtracks legitimately available in the West. And today I can happily say the original Mega Man 1 OST is now available to download on the Capcom Store – that’s 28 tracks of classic (and remixed) Mega Man goodness for $8.95!

And what timing! This week also saw a very cool interview with the game’s composer – Manami Matsumae – on Koopa Soundworks. She laid the groundwork for all Mega Man music (and SFX) to follow, so all MM fans should hop over and check it out.

Mohammed:  Back then, no one could have predicted the success of Mega Man as a mascot, and this is the first game in the series — so you have no grounds to walk on. You built those entirely. How did you decide what feel and music you wanted to go for?

Manami : I’m happy you’re saying that. I myself had no idea Mega Man would go on for this long. When I saw a screenshot of Mega Man, I imagined him being cool and strong with a heroic presence, like the Astro Boy anime. Therefore, when I told the planner I wanted to create a lively melody song that was easy to remember, like that of an anime song, he told me, “That’s OK!” And so I created the song in that manner.

So yeah! Check out the interview, then stop by the Capcom Store and grab this timeless OST!