Celebrate Darkstalkers Resurrection with these delicious menu items

Mar 16, 2013 // GregaMan

(Via Shoryuken . Thanks to Toshin for the tip!)

The infamous Karaoke Pasela and Capcom Bar in Shinjuku, Tokyo have outdone themselves again with the introduction of all-new Darkstalkers-themed menus   to celebrate the release of Darkstalkers Resurrection (known in Japan as “Vampire Resurrection”). 

Fancy a Victor-themed, “Thunder Break” cocktail? What about some B.B. Hood cheesecake? Or the exquisite Sasquatch Creme d’Anjou? They’ve got some seriously delicious-looking offerings, so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, why not go grab a bite? Or if you can’t make the trip, what about trying to recreate some of these delights at home? 

Full menus after the jump.

Capcom Bar

Anakaris ~Ouke no Sabaki~   (Non-alcoholic)  – 600 yen
Monin Blue Curaçao + Pineapple juice + Eyeball ice

Bishamon ~Kyuuketsu Youtou [Kien]~   (Non-alcoholic)  – 600 yen
Monin Blue Curaçao + Monin Blueberry + Sword muddler

Morrigan ~Soul Fist~   (Alcoholic)  – 750 yen
Mangoyan + Tonic + Monin Blueberry + Light cubes

Victor ~Thunder Break~   (Alcoholic)  – 750 yen
Vodka + Monin Blue Curaçao + Wata Pachi + Light cubes

Bulleta ~Cool Hunting~ Milk  – 550 yen

Lei-Lei ~Anki~ Chili Sauce  – 600 yen

Karaoke Pasela

Felicia ~Hell Cat~  (Non-alcoholic)  – 550 yen

Demitri ~Midnight Bliss~   (Alcoholic)  – 700 yen
Drink + Framboise sauce

Gallon ~Beast Cannon~  (Alcoholic)  – 550 yen

Sasquatch ~Big Brunch~ Creme d’Anjou  – 550 yen

Those who order from the Vampire Resurrection menu at Karaoke Pasela will also reportedly receive an original tin button badge while supplies last. Neato!