Quick unboxing and overview of the Monster Hunter 3DS case

Mar 12, 2013 // Yuri Araujo

Hey everyone!  Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is almost here (you already knew this), but the 3DS cases have just arrived in our office and warehouse… which means they’re getting shipped to you very shortly! And to celebrate, Randy ” Double_r ” and I did a quick unboxing video and explained how it fits with your 3DS and Circle Pad Pro. Check it out!

It’s very exciting to finally have some awesome  Monster Hunter merchandise that looks super classy and goes well with the new game. The folks at the Capcom Store did a great job in putting this together and actually making it happen.

On a side note: please keep mind there is a slight delay with the production of the  3DS XL cases  and they will arive in April. This means that if you have pre-ordered both the game AND the XL case, you’re game will be held in the warehouse until the cases are ready. Apologies for the inconvenience there.

Anyways, stay tuned to the Monster Hunter blog for more info as we approach  MH3U ‘s release!