Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney HD Trilogy coming to iPhone and iPad this Fall

Aug 29, 2012 // Chris

Huzzah! The finest interactive litigation the world has to offer is no longer confined to high-priced eBay auctions! We’re excited to announce that not one, but THREE  classic Phoenix Wright games are headed to your iOS devices in the form of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD this fall.

Obviously, this is great news for Ace Attorney fans, so let’s the details of Phoenix Wright’s HD Trilogy in terms even the harshest judge could understand:

Hold It! ” – Three whole games! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice For All, and Trials and Tribulations will be included in a single app. Relive the saga of gaming’s most daring legal eagle, or experience them for the first time.

Take That ! ” – All three classic games will not only be presented in their entirety, as seen on the Nintendo DS, they’ve also been painstakingly remastered in glorious HD in order to take advantage of the iPhone/iPad’s luscious Retina display with further optimized tap and swipe controls for easy navigation.

Original and HD: You be the Judge

Better still, an “Everybody Object” mode will be included at no charge, which will allow you to easily send Phoenix’s famous courtroom exclamations out to friends via email and Twitter along with an animated image.

Objection ! ” – The price? Totally FREE , your honor! (Tehcnically.) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney HD Trilogy will be available at no cost, and the first two episodes are playable for free (similar to how folks enjoyed Ghost Trick on iOS .) Players may then purchase and download the games individually and at their leisure, or you can buy all three games bundled together in one fell swoop.

WHODUNNIT?! (Spoiler: Probably not the person being accused)

We’ll keep you updated on further visual evidence as we move closer to announcing a hard release date and pricing. See more HD Ace Attorney iOS screens here . FYI, iOS 5.0 will be required to run Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney HD Trilogy, so get to updatin’! Then feel free to grab some customized Capcom iOS wallpapers while ya wait.