MvCO Origins: Captain Commando and Unknown Soldier

Aug 28, 2012 // Minish Capcom

In the leadup to Marvel vs Capcom Origins, we at Unity (along with our pals at Marvel) thought it’d be fun to run through the roster and highlight each of the unique, memorable and occasionally insane characters. Since MvCO includes both Marvel Super Heroes and the original Marvel vs Capcom, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover – we’re handling the Capcom folks, while Marvel has its own writeup right here .

To kick things off, let’s mirror Marvel’s Captain America and US Agent with two of our own decorated men.


First appearance: Captain Commando (1991)
MvC Origins appearances : Marvel vs Capcom

Today, most of us know CAPtain COMmando as a strong assist character from MvC2. Others recall his original beat ’em game set in a crime-ridden future, where lasers, fists and possibly laser fists settle all disputes. Dig even further back though and you’ll find he began as a malleable spokesman who hawked early Capcom titles.

The version on the left could be seen on games like 1942 or the original Mega Man; not long after, he ditched the fanciful collar and donned a more sensible space suit (and some kind of blue monkey sidekick?) before graduating to Real Video Game Character in 1991. From salesman to   the greatest hero of all time in just a few short years? Well done, Cap!

Above you can scope Cap in action. He tears through future thugs alongside his team: Mack the Knife, Ginzu the Ninja and uh, Baby Head. Eagle eyed fans may have also spotted Cap in the background of Ken’s SF Alpha 2 stage, enjoying a lovely party for Eliza.


First appearance: Forgotten Worlds (1988)
MvC Origins appearances: Marvel vs Capcom (Assist character)

Keeping the military theme going, it’s fitting to tip our hat to “Player 1,” the unknown soldier who soars through the skies of arcade shooter Forgotten Worlds. How he is able to fly around so quickly, without any visible assistance from a machine or magic, is a mystery for the ages. He appears as an Assist character in MvC – so no starring role for this forgotten fighter.

We’ll be back every Friday and Tuesday with more entries leading up to the game’s launch!