Digital Update: PSN discounts, new Dogma quests and more

Jun 20, 2012 // Minish Capcom

Now’s your chance to pick up some classic PSN/PSP titles of yesteryear at a reduced price – full list below! We also have a handful of new Dragon’s Dogma quests and other trinkets for your perusal.

PSN Sale (through 6/26)

Ultimate Ghosts’ and Goblins- $4.99

Powerstone Collection- $4.99

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max- $4.99

Bionic Commando Rearmed- $4.99

1942: Joint Strike- $2.99

Commando 3- $2.99

Dragon’s Dogma updates

Set Out for Adventure – The Right Tools (80MSP/$0.99)

Set Out for Adventure – The Best Offense (80MSP/$0.99)

Set Out for Adventure – A Great Defense (80MSP/$0.99)

From a Different Sky – Part 5 (80MSP/$0.99)

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor updates

Emblem Pack – Free

Gosha Trailer – Free (Short film, as seen on Capcom Unity last week)

Launch Trailer – Free