SFxT Dev Blog: Online Update

Mar 14, 2012 // GregaMan

Hello Street Fighter X Tekken players, this is Ayano again.

First of all, we want to thank our fans for all of the support and positive comments we’ve received since Street Fighter X Tekken was released last week. We are extremely proud of the game… it was a huge undertaking for us all and it makes us happy to know that so many players are enjoying our game.

Secondly, we’ve been asked by some players of the Xbox 360 version about the 4-player co-op mode and why it doesn’t work when two players team up (locally) and attempt to play online. Unfortunately, due to time and resource issues, we weren’t able to get that feature into the Xbox 360 version and we apologize to those players who were looking forward to it. Throughout the development process, there are times when new features are added (and we added a lot of them!) and there are also times where we have to make tough decisions regarding things to cut. This was one of those times. This mode is supported in the PlayStation 3 version, however, since we tackled that earlier and found the architecture of their system to be more conducive to implementing it. This is the most content we’ve ever packed into a Street Fighter game, so we hope that there are plenty of other modes and features to keep everyone busy for a long time.

With that said, we have some information regarding new updates for Street Fighter X Tekkencoming up soon, so we’ll keep you posted!

That’s it for now. Thank you again for your continued support… keep enjoying the game and providing us with feedback.

See you all again in my next blog!