Fresh details and new screens for Resident Evil 6

Feb 15, 2012 // Minish Capcom

While it’s still too early to blow the lid off everything RE6 has to offer, we can today discuss new details surrounding the characters and story, plus share a few new screens that further recap the launch trailer.

We already know Chris Redfield heads to China at some point in this global BOW outbreak, but where exactly in China is he? That’d be a fictional coastal town called Lanshiang, which joins the ranks of Raccoon City and Twin Oaks as locations overrun by creeping monsters. As for the time period, we can also confirm Resident Evil 6 takes place in 2013, putting it a few years after Resident Evil 5.

Speaking of the BOWs, here’s the rundown on some of the baddies you’ll face:


Classic undead return, but even these guys have stepped up their game. As seen in the trailer, some have figured out weapons can expose precious brain matter quicker than teeth and nails, while others are content to leap at you with ravenous intent.


The BSAA named these creatures after the Serbian word for “demon;” they’re even more dangerous than the typical zombie, and are capable of understanding speech and coordinating attacks. That said, they’re still mutated monstrosities, so they’re not exactly calm or collected when it comes to tactics.

When injured, a J’avo can regenerate itself, but doing so leaves the body prone to further mutation. The arm above probably started off as a usual appendage, but Chris’ attacks have caused the J’avo to step up his game. From a gameplay perspective, this offensive, possibly unpredictable power will change the way you approach enemies.

And as for the current cast of characters, we have some additional notes on them as well:


After the Raccoon City Incident, Leon was recruited into government service by one Adam Benford, who would go on to become the current in-game President of the United States. Since those horrific moments at Raccoon City, he’s dedicated to the cause of confronting bioterror wherever it lies.


Another government agent who was just about to become part of the Secret Service. All we really know about her is she regretfully claims to be responsible for the latest outbreak.


Part of the bioterror incidents from the very beginning, Chris continues to take the fight to the frontlines. Some kind of personal trauma, which takes place prior to RE6, haunts Chris, though he’s committed to protecting Lanshiang and serving in the BSAA.


Still no concrete details on who this is or what his agenda might be (seriously, even I don’t know!), but we can tell he’s a mercenary. At some point he’s told he could save the world, though money seems to be on his mind…


Eagle-eyed fans probably spotted Leon’s helpful Field Operations Support officer in the trailer. Ingrid continues to aid Leon in his mission.


The current President of the United States. Though he’s a zombie now, so he’s probably not up to much.

Finally, a microscopic but rather important note on the controls – RE6 will allow players to move and shoot at the same time, plus evade with rolls and take cover behind objects (though as we see with Chris up there, cover isn’t necessarily the safest place to be).

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Resident Evil 6. It’s not out until November 20, so there’s plenty of time to reveal juicy pieces of information. If you’re eager to play before then, be sure to check out Dragon’s Dogma, which contains access to an early RE6 demo . For now, maybe another viewing of the trailer is in order? (And for more screens, visit the gallery )