Capcom, FingerCramp live-streaming Street Fighter X Tekken this Saturday

Feb 08, 2012 // Minish Capcom

This weekend, Capcom and FingerCramp will join forces to live-stream a series of high-level Street Fighter X Tekken matches featuring pro players from both sides of the fighting community. FingerCramp has already posted a schedule of content, plus released a trailer for this first-ever SFxT pro matchup.

It all kicks off Saturday Feb 11 at 7:00pm EST (that’s 4:00 PST):

7:00 pm – Pre Show

7:30 pm – Street Fighter X Tekken FingerCramp Doubles Exhibition (The FC crew will showcase the Dynamic SFXT battle System)

8:00 pm – Street Fighter X Tekken 16 Man East Coast Invitational Tournament 

10:00 pm — MAIN EVENT: Team Street Fighter VS Team Tekken

Representing: Team Street Fighter will be Andre “Jago” Lambert Team Tekken will be Shaun “NYCFAB” Swain They will face off in a grueling First to 5 wins Exhibition.

The actual live stream will be held here , at FingerCramp’s Twitch TV page. Tune it at 7pm Saturday and get this hype train a-rollin’!