Street Fighter 3: Online Edition News

Aug 25, 2011 // Sven

Hey folks, I’ve got a quick update for you from the producer of SF3:OE:

Hi guys,

This is Derek Neal, the producer on Street Fighter III:  Third Strike Online Edition.  Before you ask, yes:  the Third Strike launch is going great!  But, I did want to take a moment to update you all on a couple of issues of which we are currently aware…and, what we’re doing to address them.

  Xbox Replay System

Microsoft is currently experiencing some downtime associated with their XLSP system.  This has temporarily brought down the Replay uploading / sharing system on the X360 version of the game.  We’re working furiously with Microsoft to get this resolved as soon as possible, though!  We hope to have these features back up and running shortly.  Also, we’ll have a TU out tomorrow that should get YouTube working (providing the issues on Microsoft’s side have been ironed out).

Ranked Matches

We’ve seen some complaints about it taking a long time to get into a Ranked Match.  Sorry about that!  This is an unintentional side-effect of our “user friendly” Ranked Match system.  It’s basically creating way more “clients” than “hosts” right now, resulting in “hosts” getting snapped up super-fast, while “clients” are left to basically wait in line.  We’ll be patching to fix this as soon as we can, but for now, we ask that you please be patient.

  Thanks guys!  The response from you all has been incredible, and we hope you continue supporting this game.