Arcade Edition on the PC: A Few Updates

Jul 07, 2011 // Vince

We are very excited that Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition launched on PCs yesterday. However, many of you have bought the game and have tried to play and have run into a few problems. We want to let you know that we are aware of these bugs, and that our production team is working hard to push a patch by Monday, July 11. We also have an issues thread in the Unity forums where some questions have been answered, so be sure to browse through to see if we have posted an answer for your particular problem.

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Through cooperation with the PC game community, Capcom has identified three significant problems:


1. Some keyboards and gaming devices are not recognized by the game.
Due to an effort to support two keyboards on a single PC, an error was made in filtering out “non-keyboard” devices.  As a result, some high-end gaming keyboards, wireless keyboards, and control pads that have more functions than a standard keyboard are not recognized.  We are working on a quick patch to fix this issue on or before Monday, July 11.

In the meantime, if you have an unrecognized device, the best option is to use a Microsoft Xbox360 controller for Windows or a standard PC keyboard.

2. Re-mapping keys can crash the game.
This issue is related to the unrecognized keyboard or control pad problem – Remapping keys can trigger the error.  In general, if there is a problem with the game recognizing a controller or keyboard, it can cause the game to crash during boot.  This will be fixed by the same quick patch on or before Monday, July 11.

3. Smooth mode drops important video frames.
Smooth mode was introduced to help improve online gaming between minimum-spec PCs and high-performance PCs.  There are some issues that arise out of the use of Smooth mode that can affect timing of fighting moves on a PC that must drop frames in order to maintain a good framerate.  If you experience this problem, please switch to Fixed mode.

Please note, even in the existing build any online games hosted using Fixed mode will force all opponents to use Fixed mode.

We will be introducing a Title Update that switches the default game mode to Fixed, and changes Smooth mode to an option.  We will also fix bugs identified in Smooth mode.  This Title Update is planned for release on or before July 25.  The Title Update will include fixes to keyboard and control pads as well.

In update related news, for non-Steam customers who still have the 15 character limitation for offline play, we expect to have that title update applied by 7/16 or earlier. The Steam version of the game doesn’t have that limitation currently.

Please bear with us while we work on these fixes.