Want to get better at MvC3? Send us your gameplay videos!

Jun 23, 2011 // JayCBaby

As most of you know, we launched our Assist of the Day program to help you improve your skills in MvC3. We’ve gathered the best players in the community, the best players at Capcom, and top pros like  Jint ClockW0rk Viscant NerdJosh , and even our own Seth Killian to analyze your gameplay and provide some of their own tips and feedback. 

With so many other coaches waiting in the wings for a suitable student, we’re encouraging you keep recording and sending in your own gameplay videos. 

Check out coach Maximillian (who makes the Online Warrior videos) in action!

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To submit a video:

  • Upload your video to Youtube and send us a link in the comments, private message to me, or on our Facebook wall


  • Upload your video directly to our Facebook wall or video section . Make sure to tag “Marvel vs. Capcom 3” so we can find it!


We’re not too picky on video quality, but make sure that it’s clear enough for everyone to see what’s going on. We’re aware that not everyone has movie-studio quality equipment, so using your video camera is sufficient. 

The match should be against a human opponent (either online or offline). It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, but ideally one where you and your opponent are fairly evenly matched. Maybe you played well but didn”t see that weakness or pattern in your game that your opponent constantly exploits. Remember, this is meant for you to improve your overall game, so NO combo videos or boaster 1-character finishes.

Also, it would helpful (not required) to include some sort of written description or a play-by-play of your match, as it could help everyone understand some of your gameplay decisions.

We strongly encourage everyone to participate. Even if you don’t have any videos to post, it’d be awesome to share any helpful advice with your fellow MvC3 player.