So We’re Going With a Street Fighter Cake Theme

Dec 07, 2010 // jgonzo

It’s not pound cake, but it’s still a really cool cake made by Mike “Evorgleb” Belgrove for his 11 year old stepson!

It is no secret that I’m a Street Fighter fanatic. My stepson Marcos has also taken a liking to the franchise and loves it almost as much as I do. So when my wife asked me what we should do for his birthday party theme this year, the first thing I could think of was “Street Fighter!”. My wife loves to get custom made cakes for each birthday party she throws and this one was to be no different. I figured a FightStick would make for a great cake and the folks over at Bethel Bakery came through like they usually do. The buttons aren’t exactly where they should be but hey, still looks great (tastes even better). No, the joystick was not functional but it was edible .

You can check out the full blog post and a video right here . And no, you can’t have a piece until you finish all the Super Street Fighter IV trials. 🙂