Unity Exclusive: Top Ten Cool Things to Check Out In Case Zero

Aug 31, 2010 // jgonzo

If you have not checked out Dead Rising 2: Case Zero yet, you really should! For 400MS points, you get the prequel to Dead Rising 2, along with several hours of gameplay that you can replay over and over. Not to mention zombies! Did I mention you can kill them with glee? The mods here at Capcom Unity have helped put together a nice list for those of you on the fence about Case Zero about the top 10 coolest things that you can do in the prequel!

Thanks to FH , Zonic , Shockwave3000, and BTHR Zero X !

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#10: MULTIPLE ENDINGS : There are several endings to Case Zero depending on several circumstances. Replay through the prologue to see if you can get them all!

#9: IED ATTACK : Use the IED’s special attack on the back of a zombie to blow them up! It’s easy! Combine the propane tank and a box of nails to obtain the IED. Hold down the attack button on the back of a zombie, run, and SHOOT to esplode!

#8: MOOSE HEAD : Represent Canada (the land of developer Blue Castle) and use the moose head to run through a crowd of zombies! Find the moose head at Bob’s Fish ‘n Hunt or buy it from the pawn shop. Put it on, and run like crazy!

#7: Does This Make Me Look Fat? : Run around in the diner waitress outfit. Yes you read that right. It’s fun. DO IT!

#6: LAWN DARTS : It’s fun to just shoot lawn darts (found on the lawn across from the safe house) at zombies’ heads!

#5: ACHIEVEMENTS : This game has several for you to obtain, including an awesome reference to Resident Evil. try to get them all for hardcore status!

#4: PSYCHO : Use the chef’s knife’s special attack for a special Pyscho homage.

#3: PADDLESAW : Combine the paddle and the chainsaw to get this deliciously bloody weapon!

#2: SPITFIRE (for real) : Try combining orange juice and bacon in a blender and drink it. Go on! Orange Juice and Ketchup combos also provide interesting items.

#1: BOOMSTICK : Pitchfork + shotgun. Special heavy attack = MASSIVE amounts of PP.