Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Dev Blog: Gearing up for Gamescom

Aug 13, 2010 // s-kill

MVC3 assistant producer Kadowaki-san checks in from MVC3-land with some Gamescom teases, notes on the stresses of development, and even explains why the Marvel characters keep winning the MVC3 gameplay demo videos (it’s not what you might think!).

Hey everyone, Kadowaki here, it’s been a while!

If you aren’t in Japan, let me tell you… it is HOT here. This is the second summer we’ve had since development on the game started. Last summer we were working on the Ryu and Captain America models through trial and error (of course, that doesn’t mean we weren’t working on the other characters!).

It took a lot of time to get those models done because we wanted to work on a lot of the basic model features, such as silhouettes and other touch-ups. If we ever release some sort of production book on the game, there’s a lot I want to talk about!

As we race towards our release date slated for next year, the development on the game is coming to an exciting climax. There’s still so many things we have to decide on… someone help me! Haha.

Oh yeah, this month there’s the Gamescom event in Europe. This is a great chance for us on the development team, so we’ve been making the necessary preparations… even though we don’t have a proper exhibit for the game at the show.

Right now we’re busy prepping another promotional video, so please keep an eye out for it! Of course, everyone is hungry for new information, but please be patient! Maybe we’ll even reveal some new characters??

We’re really looking forward to the fan response to what we have in store at events like these, since it gives us the encouragement and support that we need to keep working so many long hours on the game.

You’ll notice at the top of the official homepage that we set up a Twitter link , so if you have an account with Twitter, try searching for updates with the #MVC3 tag. You may find people who you’ll want to follow!

With all of the gameplay videos that we’ve prepped, have you noticed that in all of them, the Marvel characters are always winning? (Did you actually notice this?) You probably have some assumptions on this, but there is a reason behind it.

The reason is that the win poses for the Capcom characters are not quite at a point where we can show them to you. Since we started work on the Marvel characters first, we were further along with their development and were able to make win poses, which is why they always win. Sorry for disappointing all of our loyal Capcom fans.

Don’t worry though, we’re putting a lot of effort into this game, so the next time we show something off, we’re hoping to exceed your expectations.

Speaking of effort, it’s already September… every day is becoming a struggle, but you know what? We’re still having a lot of fun working on this game.

Here are some pictures that we took from last month’s Comic-Con. We had these limited edition Comic-Con tshirts (the back also contains comic panels!) as well as this cool Marvel coaster that was being used at the Marvel party after Comic-Con closed for the day.

That’s it for now, look forward to hearing from everyone soon!