New Monster Hunter Tri Weapons – Tenebra and ML001: Baltzenger

Jun 02, 2010 // Snow

If you’re going online in Monster Hunter Tri, you’ll notice there’s a few new event quests up. Two of the four up right now are worth noting. Cold Call and Blood Sport have a chance of giving special tickets in the rewards to make weapons you can only get from completing these quests. Get online now, as both of these quests are only up until June 4th!

Cold Call gives Dark Metal as a reward item, which you can only get from that quest. It allows you to build the new Long Sword Tenebra . You’ll need 5 Dark Metal to make it, and then 6 more to complete the upgraded version. Throughout the quest you’ll have to fight a Great Baggi , Gigginox , and a Barioth . It may sound a bit daunting, but it’s worth getting the unique Long Sword, especially if you have the Awakening skill…

Blood Sport gives you Incomplete Plans as a reward item, which you can only get from that quest. These items let you forge the fire element Lance ML001: Baltzenger . Once again, you’ll need 5 Incomplete Plans to construct it, and then 6 more to fully upgrade. This quest throws you into the arena with a raging Uragaan and Diablos .

Stay tuned for more upcoming quests, new weapons, and rewards on the Event Quest Schedule on the Monster Hunter Community .