The Weapons of Monster Hunter Tri: Hammer

May 10, 2010 // Snow

Bastion has put up his latest weapons tip blog for you’re reading pleasure. The last weapon he has yet to talk about is the hammer. This is personally my favorite weapon, and Bastion’s tips will help new and pro hunters alike.

“Now for the final installment of these little blogs, the hammer, often the rival of the great sword in terms of sheer raw power.  The hammer is a very unique weapon when compared amongst the others.  All other weapons (aside from bowguns, which are also very unique) do cutting damage, but the hammer is the one and only melee weapon that solely does impact damage.

What does this mean?  Impact damage?  It means that monsters have different weak spots depending on what you are using.  For cutting it is generally specialized, some its their head, some its their legs, some its their stomach, but with the hammer, it is ALWAYS the head.

To complement this priority of attacking the head, almost every attack with the hammer produces knockout, allowing a skilled hunter to not only deal insane amounts of damage, but also knock it out at the same time, allowing for even better opportunities to do damage.

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On top of all of this, every hit that has the potential to do the KO effect also lowers a monsters stamina, making them hungry faster and severely hindering their fighting prowess.  Now, I said “potential” to do the KO will lower their stamina, meaning the attack doesn’t need to hit their head, but if it did it would have to had done the KO effect.  Attacks that don’t do any KO and are simply just damage are the spin attack, the unsheathe attack, the sideswing, etc.  Hitting the monster in the head with these won’t produce the KO and won’t lower its stamina.

Aside from all of these behind the scenes things that happen with the hammer, I thought I should talk a little bit about a few of the hammers signature attacks.  The hammer, much like the GS, is able to “charge” up an attack.  Unlike the great sword, however, you are still able to move around while it is charging, giving this seemingly slow weapon a great deal of mobility.

At its lowest, the charge attack will only replicate the unsheath attack, which is able to combo into the normal triple pound.  At its mid level, you will lunge forward and do a sort of “uppercut” with the hammer, very useful for quickly closing the distance between you and the monster for that one extra hit.  At its final charge level, if you are moving when you let go, you will go into a sort of whirlwind attack, dealing tons of hits (great for applying status ailments) to the monster and finishing off with one grand swing (if timed correctly).  If you are standing still, you will do a superpound.  One massive slam into the ground dealing tons of damage in one fell swoop.

As you can see, the hammer is a VERY effective weapon at hunting monsters.  So next time you are on a hunt with a hammer user, be sure to give them some room to pound on the head, you won’t be sorry.”

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