Dark Void Zero Remix by Robotboot

May 10, 2010 // Snow

Unity member extraordinaire, Robotboot, has written a guest blog on nisute.com revealing a little fan project. He’s recorded a live remix of one of the songs from Dark Void Zero, which you can watch above. I have no idea how that thing he’s using works, but it’s freakin’ cool!

“Hello every one i am Robotboot and here is some of my work. This one is made for you guys! Kind of special right? Well i think you guys are so you deserve to get this here.  this is a live remix of Scientific Complex from Capcom’s Dark Void Zero. I cut up Scientific Complex into loops and produced the beat using Logic Pro.I am using a monome 256 running MLR to trigger the loops live. BPM of the track is 92.

Download –> here <–

For more music check out robotboot.com