Reminder: 1UP’s Super Street Fighter IV Game Night!

Mar 30, 2010 // jgonzo

As we mentioned last week , 1UP’s game night tonight will feature Super Street Fighter IV and a TON of guests (including Seth!). The event starts at 5:00PM PDT!

From their web site :

Last year, I invited Northern California tournament players to join me for an informative and fun session of Street Fighter 4. We had fun answering questions from the community, and tried not to suck in front of the camera. This time, on the next Game Night, they return for another round of Super Street Fighter 4. Plus, Capcom’s Seth Killain will join us on the couch. Here’s your chance to ask your question about Super Street Fighter 4 including the changes made to gameplay, the new characters, and the nerfs and buffs. Leave a question in the Fighting game meet-up thread on the 1UP boards, and we’ll try our best to answer them.