Ironbeard’s Dangerous Guide to Monster Hunting: Gobul

Mar 16, 2010 // Snow

We first showed off the Gobul at the Nintendo Media Summit a few weeks ago. It was an event quest that you’ll get to play online with your friends when the game releases! The Gobul is known for hiding in the bottom of rivers and lakes using it’s lures to imitate plants. When prey comes too close to the lure… Well, you can see in the videos what happens then.

Gobul: Monster with strong camouflage skills and powerful neurotoxins. Poor swimmers, Gobul conceal themselves and lure prey by imitating plants with their barbles. Can reportedly swallow Epioth whole. They love frogs.

Here’s some tips from the pros!

Ironbeard: “If ya find yerself comin’ up t’ a small bunch of mushroom-lookin’ plants, be careful carvin’ ’em. Those be the gobul’s whiskers, which he uses t’ lure ya in…so he can eat yer tasty innards! Use a sonic bomb t’ scare this prickly fish from his hidin’ spot!”

Bastion: “Try and lure it on land, where its easier to fight. Cutting the tail is more easily done on land, but watch out for that tail swipe, it can paralyze you!”

MoisesL: “You know that eerie feeling you get while swimming in a pool alone? It’s pretty much the same feeling you get knowing that a Gobul is somewhere in the area and you don’t know where. His plant-like whiskers alone won’t give away his location while he cloaks himself underwater, be sure to watch for its air bubbles and avoid being chomped on! His tail contains a deadly neurotoxin that can cause paralysis, so don’t think you’re safe striking behind him all the time. Attack him from under his belly and hope he doesn’t puff himself up and smash you with its body spikes, sometimes the best offense is actually the best defense. Once on land he’ll be able to hide in the murky waters of the swamp and pop out for a quick bite! Be extra careful to not be sharpening your weapon or healing while he’s camouflaging himself or you’ll be looking for another opportunity to get chomped on. He’s a fish right? Use some Thunder/Fire on this bad boy and you’ll be eating some delicious fillet like a king.”

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