Capcom Community Team Presents: Our Favorite Chill Submissions

Mar 09, 2010 // jgonzo

The Chill Man fan art entries were a really diverse mix of art styles and talent. So it was difficult to narrow down our favorites here at Capcom Unity, but we did! Be sure to check out all the entries here and here .

And don’t forget to discuss your favorites here in the forums .

Seth (s-kill): I think the more realistic take in Chris H’s piece drew me in, and I like the slightly haggard look—the life of a Robot Master (is he even a robot?) isn’t all happy sunshine and roses. The art has an almost Edward Gorey-like quality and really puts the whole MM world in a different context. I also like the sinister gray and whites.

Shawn (snow): Tabby’s submission just stands out as a fun piece. You can never have too much fun when being creative, and the style of simple cut-outs on a snowy scene makes this especially appealing to me. It’s not just a simple drawing, but the artist went the extra step in making the pieces look great in a real background.

Joveth (jgonzo): I really, really like this piece by Fredo because it shows the Robot Masters in a fun, non-serious setting and in a cool art style. I love the fact that Chill man is so angry at (presumably) losing to Commando Man in either SFIV or TVC, that he had to freeze him. Plus, that Sheep Man is ADORABLE.