Dark Void Remix Contest Winner (as chosen by Bear McCreary!)

Dec 21, 2009 // s-kill

Our Dark Void remix contest is a wrap, with DV composer Bear McCreary awarding Jesse G. the top prize for his “Main Finger Mix.”

Bear not only chose the winner, but also provided some very cool commentary on what set this remix apart: 

“There are some fantastic ideas here: the shuffle groove cut up from my taiko riff, the simple sine wave synth lines that bring to mind the 8-bit stylings of my own “Dark Void Theme (Mega Version),” the heavy-rock bridge featuring acoustic drums and electric guitar and the re-harmonization of the melody at the end of the piece, among others.”

Head over to the Dark Void site for his full commentary and of course to check out the winning track: Theme from Dark Void (Main Finger Mix) !