Sneak peek at some upcoming N. American Mega Man merchandise

Nov 18, 2009 // Kramez

Dunno about you, but as a Mega Fan, I’m constantly jealous of all the killer Blue Bomber goods produced in Japan that are near-impossible to find in North America. That’s why I’m very happy to bring you a preview of some Mega Merch currently in production by new Capcom licensee FAB Starpoint. FAB Starpoint are in the process of signing distribution deals with retailers across the continent (hopefully including our own Capcom eStore), with an eye towards the products reaching your hot little hands in the beginning of the year. As a bonus, the folks from FAB Starpoint will also be checking the comments on this blog post to see which items you liked. Also, if you’ve got any clever ideas for Capcom-themed stationary/baggage items you’d like to see made, toss ’em out in the comments.