Tier list for HD Remix made

Sep 04, 2009 // JimmyRey

Unity member catalyst_nc  has informed me that the good guys over at eventhubs have put together one of, if not the, first tier list for SF HD Remix.

Follow that link for more information:  www.eventhubs.com/guides/2008/oct/31/sup…

Hit the jump for details on how to decode this matrix of data.

The first thing to remember is that these tier lists, as well as any others, are entirely subjective.  The better ones are created from consensus of many good players via a ton of matches and analysis of the characters performance.

To see how your main player ranks, just find their name on the left side.  The higher they are, the better they do.  To see how they compare to a specific character, match up your character on the left and see where it intersects with the chosen opponent from the top.  The higher the number that’s there, the better that character does.

Also, they’ve color codes the actual tiers, since it’s too specific to rank them by a strict order.  For example, Ryu, DeeJay, and Honda are all colored red because on this list, more or less, they are all about the same level (I’m pretty sure that sentence has way more commas than the law allows).

I’m a bit dissappointed that Cammy didn’t rank higher.  I don’t have any real arguement for it, she’s just my main character.  How do you guys feel about this list and who would you move, if any?