SPYBORGS – Ships 9/29/09 + Final Pack Art!

Jul 17, 2009 // Grant


We’re glad to announce that in North America, Spyborgs will be shipping on SEPTEMBER 29TH, 2009!  

That day you can get your hands on the awesome two-player co-op action that was born from classics such as Final Fight , Captain Commando , and all those addicting old-school brawlers.  If you’ve been tracking this game, you’ll see that we’ve been jamming satisfyingly fun, button-mashing gameplay in it – but it’s wrapped in a seriously beautiful graphics engine.  “Really, is that on the Wii?!” is a typical response that we get if you can believe that.  To prove this…check out IGN’s great preview story that ran yesterday.. They’re digging the game.

For any Comic-con attendees, we’ll have a cool giveaway (check back soon) as well as the first consumer hands-on in our booth.  Anyway, hope you’re excited about Spyborgs as much as we are…and while you’re waiting, check out the final pack art and let us know what you think.