Unity Recommends: The Gaslight Anthem

Jun 17, 2009 // Kramez


Hey, gang! Do you dig the boss tones of American Rock and/or Roll? Then I am quite positive you’ll find The Gaslight Anthem keen! Think Bruce Springsteen , Lucero , The Hold Steady , perhaps a touch of Social Distortion and you’ll be on the right sonic track. These Jersey boys have survived on my iPod since The 59 Sound was released in August of last year, which is saying something as I have a very shotr attention span. The above video is for one of the best songs on the album (naturally, since it’s the title track) and also caught my eye because of the high quality video and scissor-kick inducing performance. Surprsingly, these guys didn’t play SXSW this year, but I hope to catch them live this September .