Mega-dope Tatsunoko VS Capcom E3 shirt sneak preview

Jun 01, 2009 // Kramez

I heart I Am 8-bit ; those guys just get it. Check out a sneak preview of the completely sick t-shirt we’re going to have in very, very limited quantities during E3 for VIPs and Unity visitors. Only a small run of these shirts were created for us by the boys from 8-bit, and you can undoubtedly see why. American Apparel high-quality soft t-shirt, shiny gold foil kanji characters on the frontside and katakana characters on the back. Nerd-wateringly cool silhouette of our man Ryu on the nipple side while a similar Ken the Eagle from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (with red “G” on his belt) has your back. Kanji over Ryu sez: “Hadoken!!” (upon reflection, we prolly should have gone with “Shoryuken!!,” but it still looks cool), while Ken the Eagle has katakana loudly proclaiming his Super Sentai battlecry of “Bird Go!” to all who watch you pass. Dunno what we’re going to make people do to earn one of these — you’ll probably have to beat Seth at TvC or Rey at MvC2 or me in a handsomeness contest or something similarly challenging.