Flock 50% Off This Weekend, Now with Achievements

May 30, 2009 // RobbyZ

If you thought the free soundtrack was awesome, then check out the new achievements for Steam.  Don’t own Flock yet?  Well, this weekend only Flock is only half-price on Steam :


But wait, there’s more !  Even if you don’t own the Steam version, there’s still a lot of game tuning we’ve been stealthily working on to perfect the game.  Just download this new patch (it’s automatically installed for Steam users).

FLOCK! Client Patch 1.02 – (2009-05-08)


– Animals scared when below cliff faces
– Mouse pointer glitches after moving window
– Some stability improvements

– Steamworks Integration including achievements
– Animals stick together for longer after herding
– Animals attracted to mothership beam when close
– Autoswing disabled for swing gate
– Cow acceleration increased
– Fences are removed shortly after being knocked over
– Pits given edge repulsion
– Speed boost increased
– Small animals and shrunken sheep now pass easily underneath fences
– Tree ripping made easier
– SecuROM Concurrent Activation Limit removed