SFHD Remix stats site is (finally) up and (fully) running

Apr 21, 2009 // JimmyRey

I happy to announce that the HD Remix stats site is finally up.  Well, to be honest it was up a while ago for the XBL side, but we didn’t announce it because the ratings were borked until the patch was released.  The PS3 side took a while to get running because of the encoding we had to do to get all this information stored.  Long story short, we’re providing you with more detailed information than can normally be stored in scoreboard data.  Some creative encryption had to be devised in order to store the extra information in a limited data string.  Unfortunately, this made it difficult in getting it all to decode and unpack correctly, but it’s finally done and running.

Here’s what the stat site let’s you view:

– Ranking

– Rating

– Wins/loss

– Perfects

– Max Combo

– Projectiles

– Throws

The default selection shows your total stats for all characters combined, while selecting a particular character will show you the stats for that one character only.  

You can also compare these stats side by side against your friend/nemesis.  Above I’m comparing the mains of the number 1 ranked XBL player “Haru Tejyo” with “Frenchy in LA”, who I’ve personally lost to many many times and apparently has thrown almost 24,000 Sonic Booms in his quest to domination.

I know it’s kinda late, but it’s finally out.  To see and compare your stats, go here.