Monster Hunter Unite Footage on GameSpot

Apr 16, 2009 // Snow

GameSpot has some brand new footage of our upcoming PSP title, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. These videos really only scratch the surface of Monster Hunter, as you’re going to see mainly just the combat aspect. Keep in mind too that the weapon you see is only one type (Long Sword), and that there are other weapons to be tried, like giant hammers, bows, guns, lances, gun lances, sword and shields, dual swords, etc. To top it off, within each category of weapon is literally hundreds of different types each unique in appearance and in abilities. 

Again, this is just barely describing to you what Monster Hunter has to offer. The level of customization alone is far beyond what most portable games offer, heck even beyond most console games! Check out more videos of monster hunting both 4 player co-op, and single player with the Felyne fighter after the “more” button.

Look for more Freedom Unite footage on GameSpot !