Coming Soon to a Virtual Console Near You…

Jan 27, 2009 // s-kill

It’s the game formerly known as MERCS (not to be confused with this )!  When?  Soon!

MERCS was really a great arcade shoot-em-up: down-and-dirty, with all the powerups, mini-bosses, and little suprises that have become gaming staples.  And while this VC release game is the same, the name has an exciting new update:  “Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS”

Stay tuned to the great Nintendo oracle for an exact VC release date, but rest assured you will once again have your chance to rescue the kidnapped President (well, ex-President, technically) and save Zutura!  Perhaps predictably, this is accomplished by killing pretty much everybody. …just like real life.

Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS:  Same great game, 400% more name!

(Let this be a lesson kids, register your IPs!)