Street Fighter Uno….more devious than you can imagine.

Nov 21, 2008 // JimmyRey

Devious you say?  From a classic family fun game like Uno?  Well, let me explain.  Available sometime next month will be a Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix themed card deck for the already top selling Uno for XBLA.  This deck will feature:

– HD background of Sagat’s stage from HD Remix

– Sagat’s classic level music.

– Portrait art of characters on all the cards.

– Animation of Street Fighter moves on special cards.

But let me get to the devious part now.  The game will play just like the normal Uno you know any love; there’s blocks, jumps, wilds, and reverses.  Added to the game is a new command card, the Hadoken.  Here’s how it works, when a someone plays the Hadoken card, they can pick whoever it’s played against, and that player must draw cards until they pick up a block or jump card.  

Doesn’t sound too bad, but check out what happened to me.  I’m sitting here, playing a friendly game against the AI and BAM!  Mr. Orange player here plays a Hadoken card on me:

As stated above, you have to draw until you pick up a block or jump card.  That can be 2 cards later, or in this case, 20!! cards later:

But, as you can see, I also picked up a Hadoken card of my own.  I played it my very next turn on Mr. Orange there…..and he only drew 4 cards until he picked up a block card!  

So you see…that Hadoken card brings a whole new level of game changing dynamic to Uno.  Think of it as using a super when playing Street Fighter, just when you think you’re going to win, BAM!, you get hit with that card.  Thank you Mr. Street Fighter, you’ve just turned Uno into a fierce, teeth gritting, high competition game.