Does Age of Booty Bring Out the Best of Us?

Oct 17, 2008 // CapKraig

Has Age of Booty Found the Holy Grail of XBLA Order?


An interesting thing happened last night — I fired up Age of Booty, played a few games, and players were remarkably… civil? People using their headsets, people laughing, people teaming up, working together. It was amazing.

Stunned, I headed over to the NEO GAF Age of Booty launch thread to see if they had the same experience, and it seems some of them did.

So it made me wonder: have you had the same great experience that we did? If so, why do you think ‘civil’ gamers are attracted to Age of Booty? Is it the genre, is it the team work? Is it the kick ass name?


Give me your thoughts…