Mega Man 9 crazy “boxart” spotted in the wild at E3

Jul 22, 2008 // Kramez

You probably missed it during the show, but Destructoid has a post that shows off the amazing Mega Man 9 US box art in lo-res glory .

The first time that we heard the plans for Mega Man 9 here in the US, it sorta blew our minds. I was personally expecting (wishing for) a big-budget, brand-new Mega Man title along the same lines as the PSP classic, Mega Man Powered Up. When the team showed us the impossibly hard 8-bit revival that is MM9, the top of my head flipped open and my brain stepped out carrying a white flag of surrender. After that stunna moment, our team reconvened internally to figure out just what the heck it was we were working on.

It was quickly decided by the marketing group that if we were going to release a game that looked like it came from 1987 that we should run the whole marketing campaign as if we were working in the games industry in 1987. From there, it was a very easy leap to putting in a call to I Am 8-bit artist Gerald de Jesus , who we comissioned to create the beautiful/horrible homage to past packaging Mega Man mindcrimes that you see above.

The image above is a photo of the super-limited edition t-shirts (1 of 4!) that we had created for Inafune-san and Takeshita-san to wear during E3. You should have seen people’s eyes light up when they saw this image emblazoned across Inafune-san’s chest; it’s not often you see a global head of R&D sporting something so hideous on his torso. In fact, I wore one of the MM9 shirts to the unbelievable Rock Band party during E3 and I thought I was going to get ganked by a pack of slavering industry fanboys. Capcom’s marketing team in the US is super-stoked that everyone is getting what we’re doing with the box art (including the Japanese dev team) and I promise you that we’ll have some t-shirts of this beauty available for purchase soon!