Monster Hunter 2G for PSP sells over 1 million cop

Apr 01, 2008 // s-kill

I admit that I try and stay away from anything that looks RPG-ish, even when it is one of our totally sweet Capcom games. I have a problem. It’s called OCD , and it’s debilitating and not funny at all, especially when it forces me to collect every last little thing in some game that I didn’t have time to play in the first place while I should be doing things like showering. Watching the eyes of our Japanese officemates positively *light up* when they get near the game, however, I took another look at Monster Hunter, and I have to say–it looks stunning. Then I remember this is running on a portable–a PSP–and then I think it looks almost unbelievable. Then on top of that I realize there are about 8,000 hours of gameplay there. Then I remember I have a problem, drop it like it’s hot, and run away from the game. Anyway, it appears many of our fellow gamers in Japan are not as wise as I am, and have been drawn in like moths to the flame once again. This thing just shipped over a million units in under a week. On PSP! Yes, it’s that good. Read on for the full press release (yes, this is a real press release and we have the dumptruck full of yen to prove it!)…

Capcom’s “Monster Hunter Freedom 2 G” ships more than 1 million units in just 6 days in Japan! – The newest is also the fastest in the series to become a million-seller – Capcom is pleased to announce that “Monster Hunter Freedom 2 G” for the PlayStation®Portable (PSP®) has shipped over 1 million units in Japan. The “Monster Hunter” series is a hunting action game centered on epic battles with giant monsters in the grandeur of the great outdoors. Since the release of the first Monster Hunter title in 2004 for the PlayStation®2, the series has sold a total of 6.3 million units (as of April 1, 2008) and is one of our most valued titles. “Monster Hunter Freedom 2 G”, the long awaited sequel to the ‘#1-selling game for the PSP®‒, was released in Japan on March 27, 2008. The overwhelming success and popularity of the Monster Hunter franchise together with a renewed focus on co-operative play has gained this title tremendous support. Also, in addition to new regions and monsters, the introduction of the Felyne Comrade System along with the ability to transfer data over from “Monster Hunter Freedom 2” has been very well-received. This has resulted in more a million units being moved in only 6 days since the game‒s release. We anticipate that this title will be a long-seller, as have all of the games in the Monster Hunter franchise. As always, we at Capcom will continue to strive to develop new and original games that appeal to a broad audience around the world while expanding our properties for multiple platforms. We believe that by bringing the “Monster Hunter” series to multiple platforms, it will help the franchise reach an even greater number of users eager for its unique gameplay.